What Do Young Black Men Talk About?

Originally Posted on [Medium] on February 18th, 2014

black men hanging out

[This is an honest and sincere question.

I have a list of real life sisters and sister-friends I often lend my ear to, a shoulder on, shed tears with, laugh with, plot fictional deaths of the worst of celebrities and cheaters and haters, dance with, create with, horribly freestyle battle with, convincingly pretend i can sing alongside, and more. The safe space to be free and real and honest and truthful is so readily available to me that I rarely have time to fully process a disappointment before I decide to pick up my phone, or email a friend, or schedule a brunch, or or or…

I’m always aware of the resources available to me for mental and spiritual comfort. The time and space that I spend with these women definitely takes effort and cultivation, but one that is of ease and necessity, like a hand to the mouth to nourish the body.

In this way am I aware of my privilege as a woman, and in this way have I become deeply shattered about the limits hyper-sexuality has placed on Black men in particular…..]

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