For the Love of Change: My Inner Most Desires for Media & Entertainment in 2014

Published on January 1st, 2014

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On a personal note, there’s a lot I’m looking forward to in my growth this year. Last January, I went form being unemployed to self-employed; and though I’m working to decide if I’d rather be “corporate employed,” the journey has been a fulfilling one thus far (as fulfilling as living on a budget can get).

I’m looking forward to more writing, more creation, more collaborations, more opportunities, extensive travel, and the prospects of love in this new year (and in that order)! I have my own ideas about how to make that happen, butas a zodiac Cancer, I’d rather keep those details to myself for now (we like to show and prove! #factsonly).

What I will give you, however, are my inner most desires for the world of media and entertainment in 2014. What I hope to see and how I hope to see them done. Here are my top 5.

#5 — The Ultimatum

This may come as a shock to you (if you do not follow me on social media, or hardly pay me any mind) but I’m a newly recruited Miley Cyrus fan. Yes, I said it. I enjoyed her album. IT WAS AMAZING. I SAID IT! AMAZING, I SAY (for the Pop world of 2013, at least)!

Unfortunately, the media and PR roll out to follow weren’t as equally great… The performances were intentionally headline-worthy (aka trashy) and the videos were downright vomittal [i may have created this word, but you will deal!]

In the new year, I hope one of two things for this lengthy-tongued young lady: either she learns to take the high road and allow her music to speak for itself without the salacious accompaniments, or she just goes away completely. And I mean, completely disappear. Not from Earth (I’m notthat distrubed as of yet), but from the spotlight. Away from French Montana, away from Mike Will Made It, far far faaar away from the stalking capablilites of @Aurosan and @PerezHilton so that I may never have to hear of her existence again.

I’m not sure how most of her fans found the strength to defend her antics this year, but within a very short length of time, I too took up the task of sticking up for her music. I don’t possess half the patience of a truly devoted fan, so the hypnotization that occured within me from “Bangerz” has consequently come and gone. Alas, the honeymoon period has met its maker. It’s either a divorce or a compromise.

#4 — Return of the Talented

Queen Bey shut it down with just three weeks to re-evaluate our lives for the new year, and reclaimed the face of r&b and pop. But it’s her Prince-esque “Rocket,” as well as “Superpower,” “Heaven” and “Blue” that took the cake for me. Not only do they ooze sophistication and adulthood, but also evoke subtle instances of reclaimed and altered rhythm-and-blues.

This year, I need to see the re-emergence of true r&b. Not that T-Pain vocoder, Future howling, Trey Songz singer-or-rapper-im-not-sure music, either. I’m speaking to that true, soulful, thought-provoking, heart-wrenching, dog whining, crocodile tears r&b. While “Beyonce” isn’t necessarily a full body of work that represents this desire, the spurts of its essence within the material is enough for me to bow down to Bey upon awaitng the true saviors to return.

It’s been difficult for me to get into Mackwilds (simply because of that God-awful name), but I hear some believe he may be able to bring a little bit of that old thang back. I’m looking forward to that ever so satisfactory i-touch-myself new Prince music, the resurrection of the soulful sex god D’angelo, the unbelievably collard-greened chops of Adele (don’t you dare deny her), the anti hip-hop songs of Chris Brown (#JudgeMeNow), and the much needed guidance of Erykah Badu’s blessings, too. (The latter is not confirmed, nor is it rumored— it’s just a feeling, and I’m good with them vibes so let me dream, I say you!)

#3 — Resurrection of the Rejects

It just so happens that most of my favorite rappers from the past 10 years of my life have either become victim of the hard white, that Barney the Dinosaur drank, or time and circumstance (prison). I know I should be looking to the future, for the next best things, the newest sounds, and the freshest personalities, (which I do/am), but I’m also a hip-hop fan at heart and nostalgia comes effortlessly.

I miss the old DMX, the pre-disillusioned Lil Wayne, Country Grammar-era Nelly, non-post-racial LL Cool J, and the singing-smiling Ja Rule. All I ask for in the new year is that one of these (or another out of plenty) come back to show and prove that it’s possible to take a few years off and return with dignity, style, and grace. There were literally two Mase-esque songs/flows (one by Pusha T, another by Drake) that came out and shattered any and all attempts by Mase-himself this year. This is a sad reality that I’m nearly determined to take into my own hands. Must I make a kickstarter, grab one of these folks, and become a successful ghostwriter?! Cause I’ll do it!

Who will make it happen? Somebody surprise me! I’m ready to shake a new leg, Doggystyle!

#2 — The Anchors Who Cried “White Santa!”

If I am not blessed to see the demise of Fox News this year, I will join the Republican party, make my way up the ranks as Black-Woman-For-Romney-head-ass, infiltrate with the passion of Christ, deny all righteous Muslims and Atheists, and partner with White Santa solely for the purpose—BY GOD—that all of their contributors and commentators go down in viral history as the best of the worst demises in the history of Earth!

Whew! Had to get that off my chest. But seriously, aside from their 20 worst moments this past year, their inhumanity is the most baffling thing I’ve ever seen grow over the course of my lifetime. Racists, bigots, classists, sexists, and all the anti- and -isms you can think of (that’s opposite of godliness) are of the best fitting descriptions one can find for this bunch. (Hey hip-hop Illuminati-ists, look over here!)

If we have no other revolution in 2014, I pray that it is the global boycotting of their libel, defamation, smearing, denigrating daily actions. I have no other words for them but:


#1 — The Fall of the Double-Sided Token

While my last 2014 hopeful may have left you thinking I’m the anti-FOX, pro-CNN type, first (in the words of Erykah Badu), I just want to say: “you can’t box me, girl.”

Second, I must evoke the spirit of Michael Jackson and say “muf*kas never loved us—-” oh, wait… no, his was “they don’t really care about us.” Which brings me to the unfortunate subject at hand: Don Lemon.

Lemon is the chosen Black face to say what the White faces of CNN want to leave to the White faces of FOX NEWS… except in a seemingly more intelligent way. I honestly don’t even have the energy to go in on him. His views on Stop & Frisk, young Black life in America, and—most recently— Melissa Harris Perry’s nearly harmless comments prove to align more-so with right wing racists than any others on the political spectrum.

Let’s be clear: I do not find fault in his beliefs because he is a Black man, but that he’s basically the faux liberal face of the faux Fox News. More than anything, I find it shameful that he is a Black man, with lived experiences in Black neighborhoods—particularly a historical one in which he resides (Harlem)— yet, is still so distant and judgmental of people he literally see and must interact with everyday.

Have you never taken the time to speak to the young man with his pants hanging down about self-respect and the power of presentation? What about reaching out to the young, struggling Black mothers you see enraged with anger, to talk about the power of counseling and therapy? You’re so disconnected that the faces you see everyday in your neighborhood are still so distant to the reality of Trayvon? Or is it that you simply wouldn’t care to see it have happened around your own block? There’s a lack of humanity, a lack of dignity, and a lack of compassion in that revelation alone that doesn’t sit well with me. This is why, sir, I will never be here for you.

I’m about ready for Lemon to say the lullaby words that will sing Republicans against him in a walk to political lynching, and unite the left and right wings for the single force of Hell-on-Earth for this man. The voicese he’s representing in these comments will surely do not a damn thing for him when the sh*t truly hits the fan, and he’ll be more than a lucky camper if “we,” the people he loves to criticize so much, throws him a bone in these NY streets as often as he throws “us” under the bus.

We see you, Don. And we will set and match you in due time. Keep it real in 2014. We’re just waiting for the perfect move.

—Jazzi Johnson, @bubbleMAMI

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