Ain’t No Such Things as Halfway Crooks. Or Accidental Racists

Here’s an excerpt from my latest piece on Rap Genius, published on April 9, 2013:

Paradise is very nice, when you’re living in a fantasy. Havoc and Prodigy brought me back to my senses.

I listened to “Accidental Racists” before the controversy began to flood in. Initially, I didn’t take the time to read the title of the song; I knew there was an LL feature somewhere in there, and I’m quite familiar with the bold visuals of country lyrics, (having been bred as a southern girl myself), so I was not surprised by his opening lines:

To the man that waited on me
At the Starbucks down on Main
I hope you understand
When I put on that t-shirt
The only thing I meant to say is I’m a Skynyrd fan
The red flag on my chest somehow is
Like the elephant in the corner of the south
And I just walked him right in the room
Just a proud rebel son with an ‘ol can of worms
Lookin’ like I got a lot to learn but from my point of view

Brad Paisley (an extremely successful country singer-songwriter) and LL Cool J (known as one of the pioneers of rap, especially “romantic rap,”) essentially did what many people are refusing to do these days, which is get down to some real issues and take them on full-throttle in the public’s eye, on wax, for all to hear and debate…

Read the piece in it’s entirety here:


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