Another Fox News Mole? From Gawker to Essence Magazine

Published On April 24, 2012

Essence Magazine is known as the legendary media outlet to provide African-American women with a positive image of self since 1970.  Who would’ve guessed that by the time it reached a phenomenal run in 2011, it would hire a conservative, blatant prejudice and accused racist editorial manager?  The biggest question today is ‘is this the beginning of a conservative conspiracy trend?’

In most recent news, Gawker and Fox News have been sparring a war of words after Gawker openly announced the firing of Fox News employee Joe Muto.   Of course, the public firing quickly followed the public, anonymous announcement by an unknown employee entitled:  ”Announcing Our Newest Hire: A Current Fox News Channel Employee.”

According to sources, Muto was hired by Fox News in 2004 to “provide regular dispatches from inside the organization.”  Muto has not denied any of these allegations, and has publicly stated that his role as a mole is true.  The question that now remains is what did Fox News seek to find, and why?  If the promised upcoming “tell-all” is true, we should all come to find out sooner than later.

Today, however, very similar questions are being asked of the latest hire and fire of Essence Magazine’s Michael Bullderdick.  Bullerdick, popularized last year as the first white editor to be hired at the infamous African-American organization, is now in the spotlight for the most opposite opinion of most following the announcement.  While some argued the fact that a white man couldn’t possibly know what it entails to relate to the predominantly black audience, others found it perfectly fine as long as the work proved his ethics were true and relative.  For those, today proved a smack in the face, not only to the supporters, but to the name of Essence Magazine as well.

I guess we can no longer blame employers for wanting to scroll down a few potential hiree’s Facebook pages.  As spotted by Richard Prince’s Journal-isms, these were found blatantly displayed on his wall feed:

 “In one screen shot, an April 10 posting is headlined, “No Voter Fraud, Mr. Attorney General?” touting a video by James O’Keefe, the conservative activist who worked with right-wing tricksterAndrew Breitbart. The same day, Bullerdick shared a photo illustration of Al Sharpton headlined, “MSNBC Race Pimp.” Bullerdick also recommends material from the conservative magazine Human Events and the right-wing website, from which Bullerdick posted “the Frequent Bomber Program,” an article about 1960s radical Bill Ayers. Bullerdick wrote, “Obama’s mentor and friend.”

The issue is clearly not that he is a conservative, but a conservative who is obviously touting a racist and prejudice stance for racial and economic inequality.

Essence Magazine quickly took to firing the employee, but no further plans have yet to be expressed.  Some are claiming that Bullerdick’s hire was related to the recent Time Warner merger.  Do you believe Bullerdick may have been hired as a sort of informant similar to Muto for Gawker?  Or do you feel this was simply a horrible decision made with good intentions? Sound your opinion below.

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