The Thing About Being Drop Dead Gorgeous

Published on January 7, 2012

“Now say hi to acceptance, say bye to denial more/ You’d be surprised what it could do if you’d say hi more.” Dedicated, the song takes a different approach to the ill that come when outer beauty is used to determine happiness.   Keeping up with health, hygiene and appearance, of course, adds to your self-esteem, but will never truly satisfy your inner search alone. The world’s example of this came following the unexpected suicide of international fashion model, Daul Kim, late November, 2009.

Through Kim’s personal blog, I Like To Fork Myself, she transformed her troubles into her daily confessions.  Beginning each post with the title “Say hi to….” she wrote about her life; new musings, image battles, depression, favorite songs, trips, people, designers, books, and even self-reliance and loneliness.  She was multi-faceted.  But her beauty was jaw-dropping.  Her intelligence would have taken her far and beyond, but her pitfall was her lack of love for self.

While her blog inspired a few hundreds of fans daily, she was open and honest about things within the modeling industry that were keeping her–and many others like her–down.  Have you ever met a person you initially deemed as unattractive, and grew to love them for everything else they inhabited?  The thing about this drop dead gorgeous model was that she was so beautiful, all of the rest of her that she had to offer was often overlooked.

With the memory of Kim re-sparked in a recently released song entitled “Suicide Supermodel” by Asaad, the rap calls for saying “bye” to insecurities and doubts, and saying “hi” to a new way of thinking and understanding.  Learning to let go, live and learn is a challenge we all face, but it’s important to know where it’s appropriate to reveal and when not.  As a woman, I can recall several instances walking down the street, with a frowned face and inward eyebrows, hearing an older man holler “Just smile for me babygirl, ” and turning to deliver the hollowed death’s eye!  But now, I may reconsider my strategy. (lol)

It was said that Kim once spoke of walking past strangers, greeting ‘hi,’ but rarely received the same back.  And never understood why.  If it wasn’t her looks holding them back, then what?  Lesson of the day is to be generous and kind to any and everyone you meet.  Not only do you not know what they, too, may be battling, but that ‘hi’ could be their one acknowledgement of the day that saved their life.

“beautiful to be remembered and to capture and to display and to be forgotten to be remembered and then forgotten then remembered…” – Daul Kim



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