The Best of Youtube: Natural Hair, Weaves, and Wigs Tutorials For The Ladies (& Queens)

Published on March 2, 2012

For a lot of people of African descent, it can be difficult to find great DIY tutorials online that caters to your needs.  With varying textures, lengths, and styles, it’s even harder to find the one perfect for you.  So, we’ve combined a few of our favorite and varying favorite from Youtube.  From natural to permed to wigs; and all shades of the brown spectrum for make-up, here’s a quick run-through of some of the best the net has to offer.  Feel free to add your own personal favorites in the comments below!


Channel: ChellyWellzShop
Specialty: Tips on healthy, long, and thick natural hair (sometimes with extensions)

ChellyWellzShop channel documents natural hair through a journey.  Chelly brings along her family for the ride as well.  Herself, who’s been natural for 8 years and her sister for the entirety of her life.  Although they don’t show much for hairstyles, they do a lot with hair maintenance and healthy tips for the scalp.  Their hair is gorge.  And it’s proof (especially through their “Are You Mixed” video below) just how versatile African-American hair can be.

They answer the question ~ 5:40

Channel: Black Onyx77’s “Natural hair is Divalicious”
Specialty: Versatile and Funky Natural Hair Do’s

Black Onyx twinkles and gleams, shining the true versatility of natural hair with her comprehensive tutorials. She walks viewers down a slew of user-friendly options toward managing stretched or shrunken natural hair. She also features a buffet of videos on skincare and fashion forward solutions that radiate nothing short of true natural black beauty. [Source]


Channel: BubzBeauty
Specialty: Unique Styles For Permed/Natural Hair

Bubz/Bubbi is a popular Youtuber also known for her comedy and v-logging, along with her beauty tips.  Known as an ‘Internet Celebrity’ her many faces have led her to creating her own fashion label and make-up line.  Although she’s Asian, her hair resonates with many similarities of some African-American ladies.  She makes great use of her tutorials with unique braiding techniques and curl applications.


Channel: Alsmillion’s “Average Barbers Making Above Average Money”
Specialty: Low Cuts and Fades

As Alek Wek, Amber Rose, and the western hemisphere of Cassie’s dome have so eloquently portrayed, there is a unique and careful art to achieving the bald fade. Master barber Alsmillion provides all ladies out there that keep it lovely and low, how to achieve clean crisp line- ups, intricate cuts, and perfect hairlines with clipper happy precision. [Source]


Channel: Thomasadrianna
Specialty: Glamourous Styles with Weaves and Half Wigs

Despite popular Tyra Bank mantras and satirical box-office documentaries, some of us are not letting go of our weaves. We’ve found a place of comfortable residence under them, and really don’t want to move. For those of us, happy at home – you will also find comfort with Ms. Adrianna- the weave and half wig expert that sits cherry top above all other YouTube track stars. [Source]

Results of a Tutorial

Read Original Here


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