How To Make It In America: From You, For You



Published on December 21, 2011


Irony?  Similar to the current state of America’s economy, “How to Make it in America” hit another road block when it recently met the end of its run on programmed television.  While the real-life protests of Wall Street and America’s economy is on the front lines, the New-York-City based HBO show about making it from the bottom and forcing your way to the top reads eerily to the projected fate of the former.

Yesterday, HBO announced their cancellation of the show after its second season, along with “Hung” and “Bored to Death.”  With an outcry from fans of all three shows, ‘HTMIIA’ has indisputably garnered the most attention with petition and plea for its return.

It’s a significant show for many reasons, beginning with its relevance in this day and time.  The story of struggling entrepreneurs on a pacing incline is something more than half of the country can relate to, whether it’s similar aspirations and/or hardships.  Despite its 25% decrease in viewers from the first season, the second season geared into overdrive, praised for its overall improved storylines, independent plots, humor and delivery, with a promising newfound audience for the now cancelled third season.

Even as we may never get the chance to see the rise of CRISP, or where a pot dealing/dog walking venture may lead, the best lesson the show has taught during its short run is to ‘expect the unexpected;’  Following its cancellation, it’s now to ‘take matters into your own hands.’

Taking the top 4 quotes they provided us, we’d like to twist their own words for their favor:


“You can’t live in an imaginary world and find something real.” – Kapo

For all inspired persons, this statement first and foremost means that you must live within the bounds of reality, or else you will be fantasizing about the possibilities of your success for years to come.  When planning your future, make each accomplishment realistic based upon where you are, where you can be and where you should be in everything you do.  In turn for ‘HTMIIA,’ all we need is for you to keep it real, and understand that if you really want another season, you must campaign; doesn’t necessarily need to be in tents and carrying on.


3. “See that’s why I’m self-employed. I’m already at the office.” – Domingo

Working for yourself isn’t for everyone, but if you’re one of those people who work for others and end up biting your tongue, rolling your neck, or dramatically getting ‘out of line,’ you may want to consider entrepreneurship.  You make up your own rules and work at your own pace.  Similarly, ‘HTMIIA,’ you should use this very same tactic in advocating for its petition through social media.  A determined cast may be the best cast; who doesn’t want to watch a new season full of actors and writers who have nothing left to do but prove their vision true?


2. ‎”You think Brooks Brothers had each other’s backs like this?” – Cam

Initially stated by Cam in the comeback episode of the season, it referenced the uncanny relationship he shares with Ben.  Pulling Ben out of his illuminating high, they both jump into a fountain and pump themselves for the future ahead of them, returning Ben to his usual optimistic self.  When on the come-up, those who you surround yourself with will be a major factor in whether or not you succeed or fail.  The company you keep is a reflection of your drive, ambition, and personality.  Choose wisely.  Indeed, the Brooks Brothers may have never done anything so risqué out in public, but would they have let HBO be the almighty ‘decider’ of their future? I think naught!


‎1. “We’ve been outsiders our whole life, I want in.” – Ben

Simply put, make up your mind about what you want and go for it.  Make no excuses.  And for ‘HTMIIA,’ hold no mercy!  The people have spoken.


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