Expecting is Understanding: Thoughts of the Subconscious

Published on February 17, 2012

Mr. “Don’t Worry, Be Happy,” Bobby McFerrin became a Youtube sensation based off of the power of expectation alone.  Not because he believed his video would become a hit, but because he knew that what he had to show his audience in this clip was something that everyone could relate to worldwide.

“What’s interesting to me about that,” said McFerrin,  ”is regardless of where i am, anywhere, every audience gets that.  It doesn’t matter, you know, it’s just the pentatonic scale, for some reason.”  What he’s referring to is his audience’s ability to understand what was simply expected of them, from a simple gesture that took less than a second to complete.

What this can also help us to understand, is that expecting is understanding.  Expecting a change in your everyday life is understanding that you’re capable of this change.  Expecting a raise is understanding that you’re deserving of a raise.   It is the expectation which is caused by an understanding, that then projects this understanding into fruition.

You must also be sure to understand that most of these expectation should be limited to yourself.  While it can be flattering to have expectations for others, placing your own expectations on someone else is unfair, because their expectations and understandings of them may not align in the same realism as yours.

Subconscious thoughts are the most powerful thoughts you possess, because you are not forcing them upon yourself.  They are innate.  They come to you naturally, and play out naturally into your life.  It’s very similar to intuition, except this time around, it doesn’t have an honest question behind it, but a curiosity of how you came to the answer behind the question in the first place.

So the next time you find yourself amongst an expectation, be sure that you take that expectation and make it into a mutual understanding–one with clarity and reality.  Know what you’re capable of, and continuously build yourself up to the point when your expectation becomes an understanding you can and will fulfill.  Don’t let it all go to waste.

Watch the dynamic Bobby McFerrin video below:

Read Original Here


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