Maybe I’m Bias…

Posted on January 9, 2010 ·

But this dude can do no wrong to me.

Some people feel like he’s an immature, confused, hurt, misguided, loud-mouth….. but i just find him to be… himself.  Human.  What some people don’t get is that Budden isn’t a “regular” rapper that likes to make catchy songs about ice, money, and hoes.  He’s what I call an emotionally driven rapper.  He speaks about what he knows–and what matters to him.  So if he’s been hurt, abused, misused, in love, outta love, depressed, drugged, done wrong, or been wrong to someone else— most likely, you’re gonna know about it.. regardless if you know what or who he’s talking about.

Some people don’t like that.  I don’t have a problem with Joey rapping about Joey, because its 100%.  And 100% of the time, the same thing he feels, is similar to or damn-near identical to something that someone else is, or have.  This is what you call “painting pictures,” not only “rhyming words” (do your homework).

From Tahiry (the 5-yr relationship) to Somaya (the pick-me-up), his life has been playing out online like a soap opera/reality show.  Tahiry’s modeling career and Somaya’s so-called singing career (no comment) are more than I could ever care to know.  But due to Joe’s personality, and style of rap, you’re bound to know about ‘em.  And as they both turned for the worst, there’s no way to escape that drama either–especially if u follow them all via twitter.

I think now’s a good time to just lay low.  Keep a lil sum’n sum’n on the side – nothing serious.  (And I mean really, after coming from a 5 yr relationship, did u honestly think he’d be ready for another?)  Joey, Focus on your next album and *cough* MM4 *cough*.  The fans are waiting.

Let’s leave 2009 behind.  It’s time to move on to bigger and better things.  I haven’t been tuning into Joe Budden TV as much as I did in the past, so maybe that’s why I’m not so hip as to who R.I.P is directed to– but it really doesnt matter.  It’s another classic song by classic Joey.  And I love it.

Read Original Here


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