Published on Monday, June 13, 2011

Kool Moe Dee

As a member of legendary hip hop crew Treacherous Three, Kool Moe Dee shook up the scene with his fellow group mates—LA Sunshine, Special K and DJ Easy Lee. It was during this time he cut the infamous freestyle roast of old school party rapper, Busy Bee Starski, which was pivotal in the creation of battle-rap. After making popular songs with the Treacherous Three such as “Feel the Heart Beat,” “Whip It,” and “Xmas Rap” featuring Doug E.Fresh, the group disbanded in 1985 and Kool Moe Dee went on to achieve greater success in his solo career.

Working with a very young Teddy Riley as producer, Moe Dee’s “Go See The Doctor” became his first solo single, and created the first sounds of the New Jack Swing movement. With the underground hit providing him with adequate attention, Jive Records signed him, and his first self-titled album dropped soon after. His second album, “How Ya Like Me Now” is his most commercially successful album, and went platinum; while his 1989 third album “Knowledge is King” reached gold status. In 1991, Kool Moe Dee joined Melle Mel, Big Daddy Kane and Ice T to appear on Quincy Jones’ album, “Back on the Block,” which won a Grammy Award for Best Album of the Year.

Today, Kool Moe Dee still performs internationally and—rumor has it—is working on a new album.


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