BEHIND THE GROOVE// Winehouse Back? Or Again Fading To Black?

Published on Friday, July 16, 2010

Emerging from a five year hiatus, Amy Winehouse intends to explore the light of the stage once again.  In an interview with Metro UK, the troubled British songstress talked of her return to the music industry.  She is promising a new album by January of next year. The singer declared it would only take her “six months at the most,” to record the album. However, Winehouse’s producer Mark Ronson, stated just last week that, “Amy hasn’t begun working on her next record yet.”

So what’s going on?

Winehouse’s sophomore album, “Back 2 Black” was released in 2006, selling over 2.2 million copies in the U.S., winning five Grammy awards and worldwide acclaim.  After a series of bad press surrounding her drug addiction, fans around the globe are anticipating the singer to redeem herself. Could a new album be the trick to get her back on track?

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