BEHIND THE GROOVE// R.Kelly Vs Trey Songz…Again

Published on Friday, August 6, 2010

R. KellyThe battle continues in the worlds of Veteran verses Newbie with the latest leak of R. Kelly’s version of “Already Taken.” Sang by the multi-platinum and multi-Grammy Award winning artist in a demo, the song was later given to Trey Songz and recently released for the Step Up 3D movie. Now, the most common question is: who sounds better? Things heated up between the two popular artists over the past year after a comment was made by Trey Songz in reference to the legacy of R. Kelly. “When I heard Jay-Z’s ‘Death of Auto-tune’ my first thought was ‘when will R. Kelly stop using it?” he publicly published on his blog. “The King of R&B with an auto-tune-filled mixtape (not to mention an auto tuned “Double Up” album) disappoints me. If throwing rocks at the throne wakes up the King, consider them thrown. I just want R. Kelly back.”

Trey SongzAs you can imagine, R. Kelly didn’t take too lightly to the comments made by the artist. With words thrown back and forth, the two seem to have written each other off. Though an admitted fan to the artistry and talent of R. Kelly, Trey Songz claims to be the new ‘king’ of the charts due to the declined response to R. Kelly’s latest work. With the emergence of R&B and Rap artists taking back the radio, many vets who are slowly fading to the background are seeking for recognition like never before. R. Kelly’s die-hard fans claim Trey Songz is an imitator; while Trey Songz’ following believes he’s the perfect example of generational progression.


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