BEHIND THE GROOVE// Macy Gray Is No ‘Sellout’

Published on Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Macy Gray’s latest album may be titled “The Sellout,” but one thing you can guarantee hasn’t been compromised is her voice.  Amidst the auto-tune craze that has swept recording studios from rap to country, Macy Gray says she’s just fine with her voice the way it is.  “Well, I’m generally flat,” she recently said in a PopEater interview.  “As much as I’ve worked on it, I just sing flat a lot. Instead of being all upset about it, I like my flatness a little bit, and some people actually think I’m doing it on purpose. Some people think it’s style, so that’s pretty cool.”

Gray admires a few artists for what she refers to as “raw” voices of emotion Axl Rose, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Kurt Cobain, and even Jay-Z.  “He raps,” she said, “but if you ever listen to one of his acappellas, it’s so funny because his voice cracks all the time and it gets really high-pitched, but it works on his records.”

Macy Gray remains to stay true to not only her voice, but to her music. Her latest album reveals more about the songwriting songstress than any of her albums past.

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