Published on Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Temptations led a legacy of many soul stars.  From the 1960s into the new millennium, the Temptations have kept strong through numerous changes in members, but kept their audience with their unforgettable sound and style of class.  Ali-Ollie Woodson joined the re-established band in 1984 as lead.  Their single “Treat her like a Lady” only proved to the R&B crowd that the old school will always be relevant.  Ollie sang with Motown until 1996, when he decided to venture into his own solo career where he received an encouraging amount of success.

In his never-ending love for music, you could catch Ollie singing soul and r&b at almost any given season of the year until 2008.  Unfortunately, the only thing that could slow his roll came in the form of a disease—leukemia.  Woodson was hospitalized later that year, and gave a strong, long fight for over a year and a half.  On May 30, 2010, his friends, family, and fans all around the globe lost one of the best, most legendary sounds of soul music has ever been blessed with.  Forever in his memory, his wife and his children will hold him near—as the music industry will celebrate for generations to come—never forgetting the value of a classic recording. 

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